Part Number: KT-1160

Product: HydraMist Hydride Kit

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Part Number Description
Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 2tag 0.76mm ID Black/Black (PKT 6)
Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 2tag 1.02mm ID White/White (PKT 6)
PVC Pump Tube 2tag 3.17mm ID Black/White (PKT 12)
Helix CT Locking Screw with Seal
Trident Connector
Internal Standard Sample Probe
Ratchet Connector
Mixing Chamber


- Compatible with Thermo iCAP PRO ICP-OES and Spectro ICP-OES
- Replacement UniFit drain assembly GAZ-08-4 sold in (PKT. 4).
- Replacement ferrules can be ordered as 70-803-0749
HydraMist Hydride Kit