(In reference to DuraMist) First off, I would like to say thank you for supplying us with a quality product and backing it with a great service. I have been with this company for 12 years now, still using the same ThermoFisher iCAP 6300 ICP-OES system. We started using the DuraMist nebulizer since 2013 coupled with your HF spray chamber. Our lab receives a wide range of sample types which requires us to use a number of different acids, peroxides, and bases for our sample prep. The DuraMist line of nebulizers gives us the flexibility to run samples with high matrix and TDS in solution and still manage to see great sensitivities for some elements down to sub ppm. Along with general care and the Eluo HF cleaner, we have managed to throw a lot of volume through these nebulizers and cut back on down time. Having the ability to run NaOH complexed solution before trace level precious metal run with minimum wash out with just dilute nitric is another reason you can't go wrong with these nebulizers.

Specialty Metals Recycling and Processing - USA

(In reference to DuraMist) We are doing good with it. We have HF in our solutions, and it has worked good for us with that. We digest metal powder into solution and that is what we analyze through the nebulizer - we have several and keep them in rotation and have started rotating them through the refurbishment process.

Specialty materials manufacturer - USA

(In reference to DuraMist) I've only had the neb on for a few days, but so far it looks great. Precision appears tight - and I'm intrigued about the ease of backflush with the tool and adaptor. I'll continue using the DuraMist, and if all remains well, I'll recommend it to other locations.

Wastewater Testing - USA

(In reference to DuraMist) I made the change to DuraMist and GEICP when I first started working here. I have used GEICP products for many years prior to working here. I have always been impressed with the quality and competitive pricing of GEICP products. Regarding DuraMist nebulizers, we find them to be more robust than competitors nebs, and your refurbishment program saves us several hundred dollars annually.

Phosphate and specialty fertilizer company - USA

(In reference to DuraMist) The new DC neb is even better than I reported...The signal gain was actually more than 20% (!!). I was measuring Pb isotopes when I observed signal loss on the old neb (started at 9.7V, typical signal strength, and then went down to 9.1V) and instead of rinsing the neb I replaced it with the new DC type and the signal went up to 11.9V.

University laboratory - USA

(In response to GE webinars) I learnt a lot about GE's spray chamber design and how and why it is superior to other spray chambers. I was particularly impressed with the helix seal system.

Geochemistry Laboratory - Australia

Can I just say we were really impressed with how quickly we received our order, fantastic customer service.

Oil analysis laboratory - Australia

The spray chamber and locking screw in combination with VeeSpray nebulizer worked perfectly at Thermo scientific ICAP pro. Easy to handle and the overturn protection of the screw is a nice feature. People without much knowledge can use it easily. Thanks again for the recommendation.

Waste Recycling Facility - Netherlands

Overall, the guardian probe has been the perfect selection for our applications using ICP-OES. We normally run an organic matrix (1:9 dilutions of semi-refined corn oil samples in kerosene), and the Agilent brand probe we were using previously had excessive issues with dripping between samples in their SPS4 autosampler system. The guardian probe has not had any dripping or leaking issues since its installation, and we are still using the same one we ordered in August. Not only has the probe exceeded performance expectations; it is marginally cheaper than the lesser-performing competition. The time we would spend re-analyzing samples and calibration curves due to dripping has been reclaimed, thanks to the probe. I hope my insight may prove helpful to your team, and thank you once again for providing solutions for the troubles of trace analysis!

Contract laboratory - USA

(In response to using the Guardian Probe) I purchased these probes specifically to reduce nebulizer blockage.

Environmental Laboratory - USA

(In response to using the Guardian Probe) It should be noted that we've also installed the Guardian in-line filter, so there are confounding factors. Regardless, our lab almost never encounters blocked nebulizers any longer. Previously, it was the most prominent reason for down-time. This has also led to less replacing of nebulizers, as SeaSprays and other glass nebs would eventually accrue particulate that couldn't be backflushed or dissolved (Si-based, likely).

Environmental Laboratory - USA

(In response to using the Guardian Probe) With less downstream particulate and fewer cross-contamination events, I would opine that this probe does present an advantage. It is also easy to install, remove, and maintain. The quick-connect is convenient.

Environmental Laboratory - USA

I have read through all of your literature and have a folder full of it on my computer. Thank you all for putting all of that together. One of the Thermo support techs recommended the nebulizer cleaner a year or so ago, and I became a big Glass Expansion fan after visiting your website and seeing all of the products and information you offer.

Oil refinery - USA

(In reference to the Guardian Probe) We are absolutely in love with this probe. The filter in the top works perfect.

Environmental Laboratory - Denmark

We are thoroughly satisfied with the Guardian Probe's performance and believe it to be a valuable asset to our analytical processes.

Contract laboratory - Australia

One of the valuable features of the Guardian Probe is its versatility in accommodating different tube diameters. This adaptability has proven to be invaluable in our application of the ASXpress, where a large bore tube is required. Conversely, for other applications not involving the ASXpress, we have found it advantageous to utilise a small bore tube for faster sample delivery. The process of swapping between tubes is seamless and user-friendly, setting it apart from alternative autosampler probes that feature fully attached tubing.

Contract laboratory - Australia

Thank you for taking the time to explain the needs of our ICP, I appreciate your input, and have already made excellent use of our Eluo for cleaning up the nebuliser.

Government Water testing laboratory - Australia

(In reference to the Thermo Sampler and Skimmer Cones) Not only the GE cones work great, but you also helped us become more comfortable working with the cone exchange and tool tuning. Your tips on tool maintenance are also great help to us. ..... We will for sure be happy buying more GE parts .......Many thanks.

University laboratory - Canada

(In reference to iCAP Q Ceramic Torch). We are extremely pleased with the performance of the ceramic torches. Our main reason for switching was the Thermo ICAP Q/RQ series has a tendency to ignite residual solids remaining on the torch during plasma ignition. With our instrument use and high matrix (salinity) samples we were going through 3 or 4 torches a month at times for $200+ each...so the increased upfront cost equals a definite savings if a ceramic torch lasts at least 12 months (Which I'm anticipating it should). We have noticed no discernable difference in sensitivity or performance. The gas flow, fit and function is identical and obviously as of yet we have not melted a ceramic torch!

Contract laboratory - USA

We were very satisfied with the entire ordering process. What was very positive was the very fast delivery and the contact with the telephone customer service.

Oil analysis laboratory - Germany

(In response to a using the TruFlo) Yes I am very happy with the TruFlo, I wasn't aware of the software that came with it which I find quite useful to check how flowrate has changed with time. I export the data from the TruFlo software as a csv file.

Government Toxicology laboratory - UK

(In response to a blocked nebulizer) I just wanted to let you know the soak in the Fluka solution plus the use of the Eluo worked perfectly.

Environmental Laboratory - USA

I have previously ordered using your online portal. I have always found Glass Expansions service to be exemplary and am happy to order again should the need arise.

Government environmental laboratory - Australia

(In reference to the Single Cell Sample Introduction System) We have been using your system since we have got best transport efficiencies when compared to other ones in the market. Generally, we obtain something like 70-80% in bacteria and yeast and lower (50-60%) in eukaryotic cells and NPs.

University laboratory - Spain

Firstly thankyou for the supply of the torches and tubing that we recently bought. They were received quickly.

Chemicals manufacturer - New Zealand

Dealing with Glass Expansion GmbH in general and yourself in particular was a great experience. We promptly got all the information we needed, setting up your company in our system with your assistance was smooth and quick and the purchased items arrived within extremely short time. Altogether a perfect experience. Thank you very much indeed.

University laboratory - Ireland

(In response to NexION 5000 cones) We have been able to test the cones and so far, have been able to determine a performance that corresponds to the original cones, especially in terms of oxide rate, sensitivity, etc.

University laboratory - Austria

(In response to GE P/N TG1045-Ni) Consensus is they really like this cone. There's a general issue with the inserts performing poorly on the standard cones if they are not perfectly nested. We then, when encountering issues with doubly charged/oxides/rsd/sensitivity etc, have to troubleshoot the problem and occasionally it's the insert. This eliminates that as a potential point of failure. We've seen no negative issues. It's very durable. We've been running it now for over 2 months. We have the plasma lit for 12-18hrs per day nearly 7 days a week. This would definitely be a piece of hardware we'd look to use as a substitute for our skimmer+insert cones.

Environmental Testing Laboratory - USA

This is the first time that we have ordered from Glass Expansion and, I have to say, the service has been very good. We were kept informed at all points in the process and any requests for information were answered promptly and professionally. I hope to continue working with you in the future.

Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer - UK

(In reference to replacing sample introduction system that came with the ICP-OES) That twister chamber was exactly what we needed to solve our issues. The D-Torch with this spray chamber is giving us more stable readings than we've had in a long time. We've had less QC failures and faster turnaround time with this setup than what we had previously.

Chemical manufacturer - USA

I have been using the Glass Expansion Single Cell Sample Introduction System in several studies including cells and Au NPs. Regarding the Au NPs, depending on operating conditions, transport efficiencies ranging between 60 and 95% were achieved.

ICP Manufacturer - Europe

I use your lubricant cloth (70-EZG-CLOTH) on my peri pump. My peri pump is rolling like a dream now and my signal stability has improved. In addition to keeping the tubing lasting longer I suspect it will keep the peri pump lasting longer too.

Oceanographic research laboratory - USA

We tried the configuration you provided us, and the single cell sample introduction worked perfectly. We are tremendously grateful for your help.

University laboratory - Spain

I just wanted to let you know that the Glass Expansion team's service has been extraordinary! I work with a lot of vendors and am (unfortunately) pleasantly surprised when one has outstanding customer service and support!

Environmental Laboratory - USA

I think our best option is to stick with the Sea Spray. It is, without a doubt, the best nebuliser I have ever used--in over 20 years of ICP analysis.

Environmental Laboratory - Canada

I have received the Seaspray nebulizer yesterday and I am very happy. The rachet argon connector is simply amazing. Congrats on this big improvement!

Climate Research Laboratory - Norway

Glass Expansion is the first place I check for ICP consumables/resources! Further, the technical advice I have received from you has been extremely helpful.

Geochemistry Laboratory - USA

Parts 24 hours from order is just amazing, especially in Tasmania.

University laboratory - Australia

(In reference to the Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner) I have used it for years. Great tool to have and use regularly to keep your nebulizer clean.

Consumer products manufacturer - USA

(In reference to the Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner) It's a must have. We've removed several partial clogs from a SeaSpray nebulizer over the past couple of years.

Chemicals supplier - USA

(In reference to the SeaSpray nebulizer) It is working very well, as are all the cleaning tools and pre-filter........ how great you were in helping me buy the right nebulizer, etc. I could not have asked for any better customer service.

Pharmaceutical laboratory - USA

The NEW TruFlo system is working really well.

University biology laboratory - Australia

(In reference to the Twister spray chamber) Simply amazed at the RSD's we saw immediately and the stability in the plasma conditions. Thank you, it is a great upgrade for our system.

Nutritional supplement manufacturer - USA

(In reference to the Elegra) Talking with my operators that are here today neither of them has changed a nebulizer since we put it on........We had been replacing nebulizers after about a week and half........I will be ordering 2 more.

Contract laboratory - USA

The D-torch is working great! I'm very pleased with it and will let the other ICP users know about it.

Chemical manufacturer - USA

Thank you for your great products! Every day when I run the Arcos with the TFE spray chamber, the ceramic D-torch and Duramist nebulizer, I say Thanks, GE!

Chemical supplier - USA

(In reference to the Niagara Plus) It worked as described, by roughly tripling our throughput. That alone makes the system worthwhile, but additionally we now have virtually no drift, clogging, or carryover, all due to the fact that the instrument sees only a fraction of the matrix it did before.

Food manufacturer - USA

For our particular application this PCC kit was a great improvement. On specific cases that required four (or more) blank runs to bring the boron level to baseline now we can do it two or one blank run. This allowed us to increase sample throughput by about 50%.

Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer - USA

I'm very happy with the performance of the Elegra so far. It's been in use since Sep 14th and we haven't had to change or clean the neb once.

Contract laboratory - Canada

I am very happy with all the products from GE I have in this instrument. I really notice improved performance in this instrument.

Environmental laboratory - USA

The fact is that the Sea Spray is working so well that we don't need to replace it as often. We have two instruments that use it and the nebs just go on and on ... just like the proverbial Energizer Bunny.

Environmental laboratory - USA

We have worked with your ceramic D-Torch since three weeks and the results and the sensitivity are so far very well and I would therefore recommend that torch to other users of ICP-OES.

Materials research laboratory - Germany

(In reference to the Inline Particle Filter) So far it has worked great, we have noticed significantly less clogged lines.

Fertilizer manufacturer - USA

Expectations more than met, more than exceeded as well! Thank you!

Chemicals manufacturer - USA

The Niagara has been running every day, without any problems at all. It's been a game changer.

Food manufacturer - USA

This is our first argon humidifier and since we installed it, we have greatly improved the duration of the analysis with the samples with a high content of dissolved salts. Much less clogged injector problems. In addition, the device is really easy to install.

Mining laboratory - Canada

Our fully ceramic D-torch is in place since august 2013 and it seems to be in good shape, no major sign of deterioration.

Mining laboratory - Canada

We have tried the inline filter......and we are pretty happy with its performance. It is able to capture the AgCl ppt......and prevent it from entering the Niagara valve and Seaspray Neb....... The inline filter has reduced the frequency of ICP troubleshooting. Currently, we rinse the filter every two weeks.

Contract laboratory - Canada

We use Glass Expansion's Niagara Plus - it has doubled our throughput as well as significantly decreased contact of analyte with tubing etc. resulting in way less carryover issues esp with Boron and Mercury.

Environmental Testing Laboratory - USA

A couple of years ago we purchased a Niagara Plus from you and it is a marvel ! ...... more than doubling the sample analysis per day.

Soil laboratory - New Zealand

We use tons of GE stuff in our lab. I am very satisfied with everything, especially the ICP-MS cones we recently purchased. Keep up the great work!

Nutritional science laboratory - USA

The Duramist Nebulizer performs very well. The Si background is as low as they have ever seen, and the stability of the Duramist has proven excellent.

ICP company - USA

I just received your catalogue in the mail. Thank you very much; it is the best catalogue that I have seen in a long time: informative concise and very easily searchable. I love the color coding by supplier. The snippets of information regarding ICP parts is very useful and can serve as a training tool. This is what a catalogue should look like in my book. Congratulations.

Chemicals company - USA

Thank you both for wonderful customer service! We look forward to doing business with you and your company as well.

Electric power company - USA

I can say without hesitation than the Niagara Plus valving system is the best one we have tested. It is the most reliable, and requires the least amount of maintenence....very important points for us.

Contract laboratory - Canada

I am happy to tell you I am very satisfied with the GE products, I've been using your nebulizers for more than 10 years now.

Geochemistry laboratory - Netherlands

I just wanted to be added to your excellent newsletter emailing list, as it's a handy item.

ICP company - USA

With the humidifiers we probably doubled our run time. We have tried several humidifiers. The Capricorn is easy to fill, easy to disassemble to clean, and the by-pass works well. We have had no problems, by far the best humidifier we tried.

Mining laboratory - USA

Thank you for your incredible email sales support so far. I'm truly delighted with the products and service offered by your company. Everything we've received so far has been 100% perfect and VERY fast shipping.

Food laboratory - USA

(In reference to the Niagara Rapid Rinse Accessory) It worked a treat because we were able to fly through the samples with much reduced rinse times.

Minerals laboratory - Australia

The minitorch and tubing for our ICP was of excellent quality and at a good price. Should we require any parts we will come back to you.

Contract Laboratory - UK

Another well designed and built part from GE ... You guys should starting making the whole mass spec too.

Food laboratory - USA

Many thanks for the wonderful fast service, it is very much appreciated.

Contract laboratory - Australia

We really appreciate doing business with you. You are one of our best suppliers and I would like to express how much we appreciate that.

Mining laboratory - Madagascar

(In reference to the D-Torch with ceramic outer tube) It works like a champ, and the base line on my Si has never been as clean as this.

Contract laboratory, petroleum industry - USA

The Niagara Plus is amazing and I am zipping through my work.

Environmental laboratory - Canada

We liked the Niagara so much we would like to purchase a second.

Environmental laboratory - USA

(In reference to the Niagara Plus) Everything is going great! I have run several hundred soda samples with no clogs or problems. So far, it is a huge time-saver and reduces a lot of frustration.

Specialty chemicals manufacturer - USA

I am writing to you to inform you that as part of our Supplier Assessment (for our ISO9001:2008 QMS Accreditation) we have recently assessed you and your status has been assessed as: "EXCELLENT".

Oils laboratory - New Zealand

(In reference to the Niagara Plus) We have reduced the time from 9 mins to 5 mins which is HUGE! Thank you for such great customer service!

Environmental laboratory - USA

The Oil Assist system is working great!

Major automobile manufacturer - USA

These products are great, well priced, really easy to order and the lead times are fantastic.

Metallurgy laboratory - Australia

It's been a while since I last contacted you, your products are so good they last longer!

Chemicals manufacturer - UK

Many thanks for the swift and great help. Your customer service sure is wonderful.

University - Germany

Thank you for the quick service that GE has provided over previous orders. Very much appreciated.

Mining company - Australia

The Niagara setup has been working exceptionally on the Agilent®. We have recently started utilizing the Assist Syringes for some specialized methods and have seen significant stability improvements over peristaltic internal standard and carrier movement.

Contract laboratory - Canada

The nebulizers from Glass Expansion are much more expensive than our previous source, but operationally they are worth the extra money. The GE nebulizers do not get clogged as frequently, and when they do they are easily cleaned.

Pharmaceutical company - USA

If sample flow rate is suspect for some reason, one way to monitor it would be with Glass Expansion's TruFlo Sample Monitor.

Environmental consultant - USA

(In reference to the TruFlo) It works exceptionally well. I have two units connected to ICPs and have saved a great deal of troubleshooting time because of them.

Manufacturer - USA

(In reference to the TruFlo) A nice piece of kit to help with sample intro trouble shooting.

Minerals laboratory - Australia

We are very happy with the Niagara Plus. It has greatly increased the productivity of our instruments.

Geochemistry laboratory - Australia

The Eluo cleaner has been used on a couple of occasions for our ICPMS concentric nebulisers and has performed admirably!

University - UK

Just to let you know we're really pleased with the flared end tubing you supplied. It is far easier to use than standard tubing!!!! We've managed to eliminate all the little connectors we had in place too. I'm sure we'll be back for more when the need arises - delivery was incredibly fast and puts a lot of UK based suppliers to shame.

Power company - UK

We have been using the D-Torch on our PerkinElmer ® ICP for about a year, and have had great success with it. We definitely see lower costs, and better Si stability.

Automotive industry supplier - USA

(In reference to sample introduction system for wear metals in oil) I must tell you that sensitivity has increased across the board by 50 - 100% depending on the analyte, i.e. we are able to utilize the P178 line at 10ppm vs. before when we couldn't even hardly see a peak at this level and had to rely on P213 which has a nasty Sulfur interference. It is a night and day difference vs. the previous sample intro.

ICP manufacturer - USA

I can only say thank you for the service provided, the goods were received quickly, especially as it came from the opposite side of the world ... I will have no hesitation in using you as a supplier in the future.

Defence establishment - UK

(In reference to the TruFlo) No need to convince me - I consider this an essential tool for every lab that uses ICP-OES, ICP-MS.

University Analytical Chemistry Department - Canada

In terms of doing multi element analysis on spirit samples the IsoMist has proved itself to be a very useful tool.

Beverage manufacturer - UK

Thank you so much for repairing our 2 skimmer cones. I was so happy when I received those two repaired skimmers, shiny like brand new. Thank you!! Everyone in the lab actually impressed by the work and this service. We all think this service deserve a star, and a thanks card.

Clinical laboratory - Australia

The new system seems to be working great on the Varian. RSD averages with the SeaSpray and Twister have ranged from 0.24 to 0.35 for the most part.

Reference material manufacturer - USA

From a maintenance standpoint, this new system is much easier to handle than the old system since we've gotten rid of the O-Rings and replaced them with the Helix fitting. That alone could save us a few dollars now that we don't have to force the nebulizer through the O-Rings and risk breaking if it's not done properly (not to mention we don't have to purchase O-Rings anymore).

Reference material manufacturer - USA

Since installing the Assist our sample time has gone from 110sec to 41sec and precision is improved by a factor of 2. Carryover is much reduced and I can go from a 200ppm Au sample and get a 5ppb in the next blank. Traditionally I would have had a very long rinse time to recover from a 200ppm sample and the tubing gets contaminated.

Minerals laboratory - USA

Running a ICP-MS without a Niagara Plus, is like running a ICP-MS without a torch.

Environmental laboratory - USA

The TruFlo from Glass Expansion is a great diagnostic tool for flow rate control.

QC Laboratory - USA

Thank you I did receive the catalogue. I found it and your website a fantastic aid especially when identifying appropriate combinations for nebulizers and spray chambers etc for our testing requirements.

Pharmaceutical company - Ireland

Thank you for your exceptional customer service!

Municipal wastewater treatment plant - USA

We already ordered the recommended SeaSpray Nebulizer one day after your e-mail and it is already working in our iCAP®. I never thought that it would be in Germany so quickly, I was really astonished. Thank you for your nice support and quick shipping!

University laboratory - Germany

We like the TruFlo monitor. It has helped us on a number of occasions to track down some minor issues and we use it constantly while running our ICP.

Oil company - USA

(In reference to the D-Torch) The Ceramic torch is quite excellent, mostly from a maintenance standpoint, it forms much less deposits on it and that which forms is usually very easy to clean ... I do think we'll continue buying ceramic torches mostly because they last much longer and are so much easier to keep clean.

Environmental laboratory - Sweden

The equipment works extraordinarily well. Keeping temperature at 5degC the noise drops to half as much as without the IsoMist. There is no problem at all with temperature stability and the signal is twice as much as the one obtained without the IsoMist.

University laboratory - Spain

We received the order today - WOW !! That was super fast. Thank you very much for that and a big thank you for the catalogue. And may I congratulate GE for the "best and easiest catalogue to understand". It was so easy to understand and use. Thank you for the wonderful service, I appreciate it. I wish all our suppliers were this helpful and easy to deal with!

Minerals laboratory - Australia

We use Glass Expansion as much as we can - we love using you and the wonderful customer service and tech support we get from you! Thank you!

Analytical equipment supplier - USA

Thank you very much for the information. I like doing business with your company; I am not a big client but a big fan!

University environmental laboratory - Canada

We have found Glass Expansion to be completely professional and very helpful and are grateful for that and for the short turnaround time we receive on purchase orders.

Coal laboratory - Australia

The D torch is good value.

Oils laboratory - New Zealand

I would enthusiastically recommend the IsoMist to anyone trying to minimize oxide formation in ICP-MS.

Government laboratory - USA

We have also been running with a full ceramic torch on all of our instruments for over a year now and have found them to be very reliable.

Oils laboratory - UK

The IsoMist has significantly boosted our productivity. It is so stable that I need only run a CCV and CCB at the beginning of the day and then start running samples. No need to restandardize daily.

Environmental laboratory - USA.

(In reference to the D-Torch) The torch has been excellent. We have been using it for 2 months so far and very little to no carbon buildup. Have only had to dismantle once during this time.

Oils laboratory - Australia

We have a new ICP-MS on order and want to use the SeaSpray nebulizers as we are really happy with the ones we use with ICP-OES.

Research Institute - New Zealand

(In reference to the IsoMist) We are getting around 40% increased sensitivity over what we had before. Also, the QC recoveries for the problem elements B, Al and Zn seem to be much improved.

Health laboratory - Australia

We have all instruments using the Niagara Plus and the IsoMist and have increased efficiencies by up to 40% and over-all quality has also shown improvements, so we are very happy with them.

Minerals laboratory - Australia

I wish to provide extremely positive feedback on the speed and level of service provided by yourself and the team at Glass Expansion. I will not hesitate in future to use GE as my first point of contact for any consumables that you supply.

Petrochemical company - Australia

We have had quite a few orders with your company recently and I wanted to let you know how nice it is to deal with a company and people that are as helpful as you all are from technical support to the shipping department. When we need rush orders, they always arrive the next day. Your customer service is outstanding and I think you all deserve some recognition for a job well done! Thank you very much and we look forward to doing business with you in the future! Keep up the good work!

Laboratory services company - USA

(In reference to the GE website) This represents a trove of information. Thank you. Oh, the results for tracemetals for USEPA DMR-QA Study 30 using Glass Expansion sample introduction system components and the Vista were the absolute best I ever attained.

Municipal wastewater laboratory - USA

I'd like to inform you, that I'm very satisfied about your service. I got quick replies to my questions and my order was delivered within a week at very acceptable costs! My compliments. I hope to do business with you and your company again!

Petrochemical laboratory - Netherlands

(In reference to the Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner) I have used this and love it. I try to use it about every other week, if I remember.

University laboratory - USA

(The D-Torch) performs really well and we have had no problems with it. It performs just as well if not better than the single piece torches and obviously saves a lot of money in replacement parts.

Environmental laboratory - Australia

You guys really have fantastic products and fantastic ideas of how to use them.

ICP manufacturer - Europe

I just had a frustrating fiasco with a happy ending that might prove helpful to others. We were experiencing random high drifts (>10% over 5 minutes) ... I purchased a liquid flow meter from a popular ICP supplies vendor and installed it on the carrier line. Sure enough, the flow rate was making fairly abrupt changes consistent with the observed drifts in the ICP emission. I finally figured out it was a worn teflon rotor in the FAST switching valve ... I have found the sample flow meter to be a very handy diagnostic tool ... It is the TruFlo from Glass Expansion. I saw it at Pittcon and remembered it when the problem arose.

Chemical manufacturer - USA

(In reference to the D-Torch) The torch has been running like a Swiss watch ... The ceramic torch has shown no signs of deterioration, with 80 hrs/week running. The intensities on the 7300DV have also been elevated between 10-20%.

Contract laboratory - Australia

I've been having very good results with the high pressure SeaSpray (0.4mL/min) nebulizer you recommended for our Optima 7300 DV. I've been able to get it to self-aspirate ... and it flows at 0.4 mL/min, with no pump tubing and associated pulsations. The precision is outstanding, better than I have ever seen on an ICP. Great nebulizer. The new U-series design is perfect for this application because of the reduced dead volume, it washes out very quickly.

Wastewater laboratory - USA

I have found for glassware, peri tubing and cones, you have great prices and excellent customer support.

Environmental laboratory - USA

I really appreciate the work that Glass Expansion has done (and published in your quarterly newsletter) dealing with sample introduction for ICP and ICP-MS.

Municipal waste water laboratory - USA

With Niagara Plus we have found a marked improvement in carry over, productivity, gas and internal standard usage without the loss of sensitivity ... Argon saving would be around 40-50% as sample time has been halved ... Our most noted improvements are Mo from a 0.5 mg/L (standard) carryover could be greater than 20 ug/L, now undetectable less than 4 ug/L, Fe 10 mg/L (standard) used to carry over greater than 5 ug/L, now undetectable less than 2 ug/L.

University environmental laboratory - Australia

Your flared end pump tubes are the best idea since Kim Wipes!.

Government food laboratory - USA

The D-Torch is performing very well. The ceramic outer has been in almost constant service 22 hours a day, 6 days a week since we purchased it and we have had no issues ... We are due to purchase a replacement ICP and will certainly be purchasing another D-Torch to go along with it.

Lubricating oils laboratory - Australia

The D-Torch we have for the Elan 9000 ICP-MS works very well.

Government food and agriculture laboratory - New Zealand

I have used the Fluka a couple of times and it works! I will be cleaning the nebulizer more regularly to keep the pressure in check. Thank you very much for responding to my email, you were a great help.

Contract laboratory - USA

We have only recently been using Glass Expansion ... but are currently impressed with the level of service - especially the turn-around times and prices. I will be discussing our use of Glass Expansion with chemists from 2 other laboratories this week, and will be recommending they take a look at your products and decide for themselves.

Metal refinery - Australia

So far we are very happy with the IsoMist spray chamber. The detection limits are better and the intensities are more stable from run to run.

Precious metals laboratory - Australia

I am quite pleased with the D-Torch. It's stable and rather easy to maintain and clean. ... Another upside is the D-torch is also much easier to push in and take out of the torch block, quartz torch tends to get stuck in the o-rings and require quite a lot of force to pull out, but the D-torch is much smoother. It's also quite excellent for analyzing silica in a hydrofluoric digestion, I noticed my blanks for that were much lower and stable.

Contract laboratory - Sweden

We actually ordered a spray chamber with the Helix system on it that we are really enjoying. We will be ordering another one for our other ICP shortly.

Environmental laboratory - USA

Thank you this is great!

Government environmental laboratory - USA (in reference to the online Pump Speed and Sample Uptake Calculator)

I received the two torches I ordered 20 minutes ago in perfect condition (its too bad a torch's life can be dramatically shortened with some of the industrial samples I receive from time to time). Your service ... is second to none.

Municipal wastewater laboratory, USA

I've been using a Trident for 4 years now, and its been working very well.

Precious metals refiner - USA

I've been operating the IsoMist on the iCAP® 6500 at 27 degrees centigrade ... the improvement in stability has been dramatic ... I am thrilled at the linearity with little shift throughout a complex standardization and sample run.

Precious metals laboratory - USA

I have just installed and tested the Twister spray chamber and SeaSpray nebulizer on our Spectro™ Genesis ICP, and at this stage it appears to be performing very well, with sensitivities about twice what we were getting with the Scott/crossflow combination.

Minerals laboratory - Australia

I have just installed a new sample introduction system that I bought from Glass Expansion and it is working beautifully. I am very happy with my RSD's. Jerry has given me very useful advice in several areas within the last couple of weeks. Glass Expansion is now in my email address book, my Rolodex and speed dial on my phone. THANKS!

Oils laboratory - USA

Your service thus far has been superb.

Aerospace company - USA

This is exemplary customer support - thanks very much.

University - UK

Many thanks for the excellent service. It really does show the power of the internet and globalisation. We received our torch this morning and our instrument is now up and running.

Defence contractor - UK

I also want to thank you for the most recent edition of your newsletter, which I always find contains important and pertinent information ... Thanks again for all the important information that you provide to people like me. And thanks also for your wonderful products. I love the SeaSpray nebulizer and Twister spray chamber I'm using on our Optima 3300DV, along with all the fittings and connectors that make it so easy to connect and also to disassemble for cleaning.

Wastewater laboratory - USA

The IsoMist was a treat because it took the place of the jacketed spray chamber, the heated bath, delivery tubes, and pump. It also eliminated my worries about leaks in my sample chamber. It is a small, neat package.

Oil company - USA

I appreciate the excellent service I have received in the past from your company!!

Brewing company - USA

We are very happy with the performance of the IsoMist.

University - Belgium

I would like to thank you for an excellent service! The goods were delivered in three(!) working days from the other side of the world. I'm still in a state of disbelief.

Environmental laboratory - Finland

I like the fact that everything is so well thought out and fits right out of the box.

Water treatment laboratory - USA

Wow, what a great idea. As an ICP analyst, the connection between the peristaltic pump tubing and the nebulizer has always been a problem.

Environmental testing laboratory - USA (in response to information about flared end pump tubing)

Just wanted to say that the service from you and GE is second to none. We are impressed with the products and the very quick shipping.

Government research laboratory - Canada

Glass Expansion is the only supplier I would ever consider for purchasing consumables.

Wastewater treatment plant - USA

I replaced my cross-flow system with your MicroMist and Cinnabar spray chamber and get much better performance. Also, I am getting the same counts as I was getting on my cross-flow at twice the uptake rate.

Environmental service laboratory - USA

We received our first order in 2 days - very impressive! We will be definitely using you for all our ICP parts in future.

Chemical manufacturer - UK

Thank you for the overnight shipment of the Twinnabar spray chamber. We were up and running at 2PM today. You saved us 4 days of downtime.

Electronics manufacturer - USA

I used an older version of the PE Online Internal Standard Addition kit for many years. ... I have found a similar kit offered by Glass Expansion to be a great improvement over the old PE kit. It has a glass T with friction-fit connections that are the same as the GE quick connect nebulizer fittings. They also provide flared-end peristaltic pump tubing that eliminates the problems you run into when trying to connect the narrow bore tubing.

Government laboratory - USA

Glass Expansion, you make a superior product.

Municipal wastewater treatment plant - USA

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your staff for your professionalism, indicated by the acknowledgement of receiving our fax and then dispatching the same day. This happens on a regular basis. If only other companies were as diligent as yours. Keep up the good work.

Contract laboratory - Australia

I love my MicroMist nebulizer. It's extremely stable and aspirates exactly 100uL/min. I checked it with a balance. My (other brand) aspirates about 300uL, even though it's supposed to be a 100, and it's not nearly as stable.

University laboratory - USA

I have gathered some valuable information from your archived newsletter. Especially the June 2003 which had an article on the "Determination of trace metals in Seawater by ICP-AES". I thank you for making your newsletter so easily accessible from your website.

Environmental laboratory - Canada

Your company is our preferred supplier for ICP-MS consumables due to the customer service, speed and value for money quality.

Medical laboratory - UK

I continue to be impressed by GE efficiency.

Contract laboratory - Australia

I received my requested ICP part within 24 hrs of ordering. Such a quick response surely deserves some praise. So, I wish to thank you and your team for the high level of customer service and prompt response that GE provides. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

Soil laboratory - Australia

The components have been installed on our Optima and I must say that I am quite impressed ... increased sensitivity of approx 25%, lower RSD's, lower sample volume aspirated, and better washout over the traditional PE "recommended" sample introduction set-up.

Materials testing laboratory - Australia

Great selection, great prices.

Building company - Austria

The goods have arrived here already, less than 24 hours after we ordered them. We are VERY impressed!

Oil analysis laboratory - New Zealand

Your company has done a great job with its update/information newsletter. They contain important technical information (not just product advertising) that we use along with your product descriptions & uses. I think your archived PDF list that contains all of the past newsletters is good, because they contain useful information that is also helpful to newer customers. Thought I'd mention this, because too often when someone has done a great job (particularly when it's done differently from other companies) people often don't say anything. I know that making a newsletter of this quality takes much time and attention to details.

University chemistry department - USA

I really like the MicroMist nebulizer I bought last year. Works great.

Food laboratory - USA

We put in our SeaSpray nebulizer. Strong accolades of approval. I probably need to buy one more as a back-up.

Healthcare company - USA

Super-efficient service from you guys as always. Every time I deal with your company I am impressed.

Contract laboratory - New Zealand

We were very pleased with the Eluo - great idea and a lot easier than how we used to clean the nebulisers. Keep up with the great ideas.

Contract laboratory - New Zealand

The MicroMist gives better intensity, RSD and is more robust gas-flowrate-wise.

University - USA

Personally, if I was stranded on a desert island with a good ICP and could only choose one nebulizer I would go with the ceramic V-groove from Glass Expansion in Australia ... I don't think you will ever need to buy another nebulizer ... When I was introduced to the GE V-groove I was told it would pass gravel and it did while retaining its performance.

Electricity company - USA

With the SeaSpray nebulizer we can analyze up to 8 m/v% sodium chloride by means of FI-ICP-MS, using a sample loop of 500 Ýl, by monitoring 50 isotopes! Until December last year, we could only analyze up to 3 m/v% ... The Slurry nebulizer is even more powerful! Photographic emulsions, contain large extends of dissolved, undissolved solids and organics/inorganic salts ... Previously we could analyze only a 1 m/v% diluted photographic emulsion. With this Slurry nebulizer we can analyze a 10 m/v% solution, giving us an improved detection limit of a factor of 8 (corrected on internal standard).

Photographic company - The Netherlands

The Glass Expansion nebuliser you refer to in your recent e-mail, is it the MicroMist neb? We've been using this for about 18 months now, and are completely satisfied with it. We get very good RSDs on our isotope ratio measurements, we have very few blockage problems and presently I'm using it coupled to an LC system. As I mentioned earlier the MicroMist neb has given outstanding performance on a range of applications. I'd just like to add that I have no ties with GE, I'm a purchaser and user of their nebulisers.

Government service laboratory - UK

I would suggest the MicroMist nebulizer + Cinnabar spray chamber from Glass Expansion. I did some work on certification of Hg isotopic reference materials and it worked very well. I used this setup in the self-aspirating mode and gained wash-out times for Hg 10 ng/g (solution) 10 times better than with a usual Crossflow nebulizer.

Research institute - Germany

Not all ceramic injectors are the same. Some of them are completely unacceptable for measuring Si in HF solutions. We had a lot of trouble with them until we tried one from Glass Expansion.

University - USA

It's great to be able to work with such a responsive and innovative company.

Contract laboratory - New Zealand

I preferred the V groove from Glass Expansion which I found to be rugged for this difficult matrix.

Electricity company - USA

If you have to analyze heavy matrixes with high TDS I would recommend the SeaSpray or Slurry nebulizer from Glass Expansion ... The Slurry nebulizer can handle up to 20% TDS without clogging with exceptional RSD's depending on the type of application and particle size of the slurry (typical 1-2% RSD). The SeaSpray nebulizer is used on our lab on the Optima 3000DV. RSD's are between 0.3-0.7% in 10% NaCl solutions.

Photographic company - The Netherlands

Congratulations on your efficient service! Yesterday I faxed an order for a quartz outer tube. I received it this morning and it will be in use this afternoon. This means minimal downtime for this particular research project. This level of service is expected from but is rarely supplied by other companies.

University chemistry department - Australia

Thanks to all of you for making such a good product.

University - USA

After using a GE MicroMist nebulizer and Cinnibar spray chamber on our ICP-MS for several years with excellent results, I bought the same setup for our new PE 4300 ICP-OES for some applications with very small sample sizes. Sensitivity and precision are the same as with the standard cross-flow/Scott combination. Washout is maybe even better, since the Cinnibar washes out very nicely.

Marine science institute - USA

I can honestly say that the customer service I get from Glass Exp is always excellent.

Contract laboratory - Australia

The EzyFit connector at the sample side of the neb is a very good thing. No more trouble in getting the sample capillary attached. Just Great. The EzyLok connector on the Ar side-arm is a good and easy connection of the Ar-line. It is gas tight.

Chemical company - Germany

We are very happy with the performance of the Opalmist nebulizer we purchased from you recently.

University earth science department - Australia

I have to say I am very impressed with all your developments. All the helpful accessories are brilliant ideas, and the detail in your catalog and on the web site is excellent. As always the Glass Expansion customer service is top notch.

Contract laboratory - New Zealand

I want to go on record as saying that GE is one of the most customer service oriented companies I've ever dealt with. What a pleasure! Thanks.

Government agricultural laboratory - USA

Glass Expansion, your ICP nebulizers saved my life!

Evironmental laboratory - USA

I just replaced my Thermo ® HF spray chamber with yours and used it with your OpalMist nebulizer. I am now getting twice the signal as before and my nebulizer no longer clogs.

QC laboratory - USA

I switched from Spectro's™ Scott style spray chamber and cross-flow nebulizer to GE's Twister cyclonic spray chamber and SeaSpray nebulizer. I now get excellent performance with much faster washout times.

Environmental laboratory - USA