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Spectroscopy Application Notebook, February 2016, p10-11

Elegra Humidifier:

Elegra Dual Humidifier:

Internal Standard signal for three Internal Standard lines with and without Elegra Argon Humidifier

Effect of 25% NaCI solution on nebuliser gas flow

Part Number Description To Suit
70-803-1265 Elegra argon humidifier Agilent/Varian Vista/700-ES/MP-AES or Leeman
70-803-1268 Elegra argon humidifier Agilent 5100
70-803-1267 Elegra argon humidifier Agilent 4500/7500
70-803-1268 Elegra argon humidifier Agilent 7700/7800/7900
70-803-1266 Elegra argon humidifier Horiba Jobin Yvon
70-803-1269 Elegra argon humidifier PerkinElmer Optima or Spectro
70-803-1270 Elegra argon humidifier PerkinElmer Elan/NexION
70-803-1312 Elegra argon humidifier Shimadzu 9000/9800
70-803-1303 Elegra argon humidifier Thermo iCAP 6000/7000/Q, X series
70-803-1271 Elegra argon humidifier Other models
70-803-1272 Elegra Dual two-channel argon humidifier Agilent 4500/7500
70-803-1273 Elegra Dual two-channel argon humidifier Agilent 7700/7800/7900
70-803-1274 Elegra Dual two-channel argon humidifier PerkinElmer Elan/NexION
70-803-1275 Elegra Dual two-channel argon humidifier Other models

Customer comments

The (Elegra) Humidifier (and adjusting our pump speed) really helped to stabilize the drift we were previously experiencing between QC checks and especially helped combat some of our high TDS samples. Our runs have greatly improved.

Pharmaceutical - USA

(In reference to the Elegra) Talking with my operators that are here today neither of them has changed a nebulizer since we put it on........We had been replacing nebulizers after about a week and half........I will be ordering 2 more.

Contract laboratory - USA

I'm very happy with the performance of the Elegra so far. It's been in use since Sep 14th and we haven't had to change or clean the neb once.

Contract laboratory - Canada